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I am a person who is passionate about internet marketing. In this blog, I share my strategies and other kinds of stuff. Probably you are looking for the best way to make money online, right? if so then head over to the blog section top right corner.

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I Love to Working on...

Digital Marketing

Now I working as a full-time digital marketer. I offer my service on Fiverr and local clients. Currently working w/ DigitalTig.


I'll help people who need a stunning designed website. Mobile responsive and SEO structured (includes schema data).

Graphic Design

In this category, I prefer the marketplace. Additionally, I grab my potential clients from Google and Forums.

Video Editing

I'm not a PRO on this category but I try to create an eye-catchy effect in the videos as an intermediate video editor.

My Experience as an SEO Expert!

I’ve spent a couple of years on SEO and learned tons of strategies on it. But now I realize, most of the strategies are garbage! Why did I say most of the strategies are garbage? Cause, for now, Google gives more priority on the website Dwell time. Even per my check, I found hundreds of technical SEO mistake websites that rank top on the SERPs. Because they have high-quality content & backlinks, which means high-quality traffic. And this traffic spends a lot of time on the site. That’s why they grab the 1st page on Google.
BTW, what is Dwell time?
When a person clicks a link on the SERPs and before clicking back, the length of time the person spends on the site.
Boring? (I’m sorry 😉 )

Nevertheless, technical SEO is still an important factor to rank. But we have to spend more time to link building because it increases your site Dwell time. So link building is the most important ranking factor before and after. What steps you should take to increase your site dwell time? First of all, focused on the website structure & page load speed. Why? because it helps to decrease the bounce rate by providing awesome user experience. You have to check your hosting server Up-time regularly.  Also, another most important thing is “Content Quality”. It should be long, informative, practical, includes the optimized media file, and more.
Google loves faster websites to rank and it has a high chance of being featured on the rich snippets. I prefer to use Astra, OceanWP, and Neve themes. These themes are SEO structured and lightweight. Make sure your site page load speeds under 3 seconds. I always follow a few evergreen marketing tactics. Okay enough! ✋ for more information, head over to my blog post.

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