Design a Stunning Email Templates

4 Steps to Design a Stunning Email Template

Design email templates not so much hard! Why did I say that?

Because today I’m going to introduce a Gmail Add-ons. It helps to create an elegant email template without any coding knowledge. It’s time to take your business one step up. I use MailChimp free subscription for my email campaign. They give 20,000 email sending limits. But while I reply to my customer’s message individually, I personally use this Gmail Add-ons. It helps me to save my time and create an awesome design email template faster. Let’s dive right in…

Here are 4 Steps to Design an Email Template in 10 Minutes.

First thing first, head over to log on to your Gmail account. And then follow these steps below:

Step 1. Click the “PLUS” sign bottom right corner.

plus sign in gmail

Step 2. Find & Install Add-ons

search add ons

Then you will see a new window is open. It is G Suite Marketplace. Type “BEE Template for Gmail.” You will see the add-ons on the search result page.

Now install the add-ons in your mail w/ Gmail permission. After the installation process, you will able to see the add-ons icon bottom right corner.

Step 3. Open an email (for testing purpose)

Here’s the deal. Now open a mail you want to reply on your inbox, after opening the mail click on the icon. Then you will see the template list right-hand side.

Step 4. Now select and customize the template

It is drag and drops very easy to customize any templates. Just pick the one you want and edit quickly.

Final Thought

Their free service is the best for small businesses. If you want to maintain more features and launch an email campaign, I suggest you use MailChimp service. Because they have a lot of actionable elements and a mobile-friendly design template. On the other hand, “BEE Template” add-ons are more user-friendly I think so. Simple one clicks to insert your favorite mail templates. Smooth drag and drop templates customization, also integration with MailChimp. Their pro membership plan starts at $15 to $45 per month. They are already adopted by Ongage, HereFish, WoowUp, Career Builder, CleverTap, Active Conversion, Acumbamail, Beambox, etc.

Anyway, for more information visit their official website and see their all product and pricing list. I recommend you to use their free service and if you satisfied w/ their service then upgrade your membership. I love their service because I can respond very quickly with a beautiful design template. Anyone one of their most important features is mobile-friendliness. Is it a cool thing, right?

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Now start design email templates for business/personal purposes. Let me know your opinion about this Gmail add-on in the comment section below.

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