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9 Core Marketing Tactics: Create a Checklist Before Start (w/ tools list)

At present, the number of internet users has gone out in many parts. It is possible to sell products easily through online marketing. So we have to follow some strategies. In this article, I’m going to discuss the core marketing tactics for your local or international online business. Also, I’m listed my favorite marketing tools & services. Let’s dive right in…

1. Define Your Goal

Let’s say you are a mechanic, have a garage in California. Now you want to take your business to the next level. Only you can define your own business goal. For example, If you want, you can start your online business just by targeting that area. It’s called a local online store. Use the Google My Business tools to add your shop online. It’s pretty simple to submit your shop and easily get verified.

2. Find Your Potential Customers

Who is your customer & where they are? You have to research it. When you find out your real customers and do segmentation, then you will get the way to sell them to the product. There are a lot of tools to find out customer’s data.

I recommend you to use “Google Consumer Barometer” & “Google Shopping Insights.” These tools are fantastic and provide a lot of data (use the filter for a better result as fast).

3. Find Your Competitors

Here’s the deal. Analyze your competitors and research their service/product to get more ideas to boost your marketing tactics. This is a crucial step to build a successful business. To competitors analysis a lot of tools out there, I officially use ahrefs & Moz.

Let’s say you have a coffee shop. Someone in your area has a coffee shop. He also added his shop online. Then he is your competitor. So you have to find out more about it and offer the best deal so that customers are more interested in your product.

4. Site Structure

Nowadays most of the internet user is using a mobile device for personal purposes. Google announced that they give more priorities on a mobile-friendly website. You have you to make your website mobile-friendly.

[Use Google’s mobile-friendly checker tools. There you will be able to know your site mobile-friendly or not]

Another most important thing is page load speed. Make sure your site’s page load speed under 5 seconds. But mostly try to keep it 3 seconds. For improving your site speed, you have to use a better hosting server like SiteGround, Bluehost, WP Engine, HostGator, etc. I recommend you to use Cloudflare CDN for better performance and security.

5. SEO & SEM

It’s time to get more visible on your customers. Here I describe another two essential marketing tactics. Let’s dive right in.

SEO: This is your first and most important task to increase your organic ranking on the search engine. So you have to do it properly with all the rules from Google (SEO) Starter Guide. The major part such as On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO. Use the SEO tools like ahrefs, Moz, Google Analytics (real-time monitor your site), Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, etc.

[Notes: If you do not know anything about it before, then researched it online. There are many resources, which will help you a lot.]

SEM: Search Engine Marketing is another marketing tactic to get visible to your customers by spending money. First of all, you have to decide which Adwords platform you need. If you are using the Google Adwords platform, you can set your account with few steps. After setting the profile, launch your first campaign w/ your budget.

6. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

This is another actionable marketing tactics for your business. People now spend more time on social media. So the thing you need to do, define your SMM platform. Why?… How?

Okay, let me explain, while you set your goal you will find the customers a few data. So you can quickly know the customer’s demand and the customers interested in your product have a lot of time on a social platform. I think you can select your perfect social platform(s) for marketing your product.

I recommend you to use “Google Shopping Insight” & “Alexa Site Information” tools to evaluate your customer’s behavior very quickly.

Anyway, you can promote your business through social media by spending money like SMM. It appears on your targeted customer’s feed.

7. Content Marketing

While it comes to content marketing, I would suggest “Canva” tools do it fast. You can easily design a graphics w/ your concept and make it viral to get more traffic organically.

Other hands, 87% of marketers use videos for content marketing. It creates better audience retention. People love to see video and graphics items. So, try to make more attractive graphics & videos to grab more customers.

8. Email Marketing

This is another excellent strategy for marketing. While you add an email opt-in on your website, you would able to collect lead. Moreover, it is possible to easily retarget your customers, which will help to increase your company sales.

Let’s say you have a t-shirt store online. Someone visits your store and add a product in the cart. But he/she leave your store before making a purchase. So, how do you sell that product to him/her?

It’s very straightforward. Firstly, make an email campaign by targeting those customers. If your promotional offer looks useful to the customer, then he or she will return to your site. This increased the opportunity of selling the product.

[ I officially recommend you to use MailChimp for email marketing. Because you can send 20,000 emails per month as free. You can also use another platform like SendinBlue, AWeber, Constant Contact, etc. ]

If you do not know anything about email marketing, then research online. There you will find many actionable tutorials.

9. Measure

Make sure targeted customers find you online. Check the analytics report and figure out what all works well for your campaign. Analytics allows you to show which campaign is sending you traffic. You can track your goals such as conversions & user activity or behavior. Google analytics goals categorized as destination, session, duration, and event. So you can quickly check the audience reports. So you can easily find some steps for your company’s progress. Follow these steps and improve your revenue.

Final Thought

These nine marketing tactics lists for every newbie entrepreneur. Now it’s time to take your business to the next level. If you want to put your store in front of potential customers, then you must have ideas about the online marketing sector. Your online store must be optimized properly. You can hire some experts for the site so that you will have less work. Browse this blog for more info to increase your monthly revenue.

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If you still have any questions, please let me know. Feel free to write a piece of line in the comment section. Happy marketing!

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